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<h3>Ben's Birthday Party At Pizza Baron!<h3>
When people give me their unwanted Atari stuff, it's like Christmas and my Birthday all rolled into One! Nothing lifts me out of Depression like someone elses Atari stuff! Hi, I'm Ben Smith of Bravo Sierra Computers. March is Atari Birthday Month! Why, you ask? My Birthday is in March!

Friday, March th is my Birthday Party, Going from 6 PM-8 PM. Presents not wanted or required. All I want is for my friends and family to come and celebrate my Birthday. We provide the Pizza and the Cake. All we ask is that you pay for your own drinks. Pizza Baron Serves Beer, Wine, Soda / Soft Drinks, Lemonade and Pink Lemonade. Selling Drinks by the Glass or Pitcher, Large or Small. We'll be meeting at 2604 SE 122nd Avenue at the Pizza Baron in Portland, Oregon U.S.A.! Come and celebrate my Birthday in the year 2022! I'll be xx years old.

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