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One of the nice things about the InterNet. You can set your own hours. So my odd sleeping hours don't conflict with Business Hours. Your welcome to call me anytime, 24 hours! You never know when I'll be awake, and I love talking to my customers on the phone. Talking to my Customers gives me a satisfaction Like I used to get when I taught different Atari Classes for the local Atari Clubs, including beginners classes for 8 Bit and ST Users. I'd be happy to answer your questions. Inquire at anytime, 24 hours at my number (503)256-9974. You never know when I'll be awake. If I'm asleep, I won't hear it. No worries about a grumpy Benny Bear answering. If your calling from a pay phone, my VoiceMail answers on the 4th ring. Or the 1st ring If I'm tying up the phone. If I'm unable to answer, I'd appreciate your leaving a message and I'll call you back, on my own Dime. Even if it's International Long Distance! Just leave your home, work numbers & your message at the tone and I'll call you back. Or E-Mail Ben Your Numbers & Hours And I'll Call You Back On My Own Dime! Even International Long Distance! When I answer your call, I, Ben, will be happy to cheerfully answer your questions. Or E-Mail: or at anytime...

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