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Downloadable & Viewable Atari Catalogs

Pay $800.00 U$D. get $1,000.00 U$D. worth of Atari USED and/or NEW Games
& other Software as well as Books! Spend more, get more. When E-Mailing,
ask for the Discount and Receive the Discount! If you don't ask, I won't
give you the Discount! Discount is intended for Dealers & Collectors!But
your money is just as Good!Covering all USED and NEW Classic Atari 8 Bit
and ST Computer Games and other Software plus USED and NEW 2600, 5200,
7800, Jaguar,& Lynx Games! You don't have to buy just one kind of Atari,
You can buy a mix to get the $1,000.00 U$D. Worth. You dont have to be a
Collector or a Dealer.

I know of an Atari dealer who said publicly, that if anybody bought from him and sold said goods for resale purposes, he would never sell to that person again. On the other hand, I'm happy to sell to others, including dealers, even if they markup the prices and resell said goods. In fact I love it. As long as they pay my prices. That especially goes for those spending at least $800.00 U$D. for at least $1,000.00 U$D. worth of Goods. Getting a 20% off the top discount. This is good for my business, since my customers can get it cheaper from me.

A friend of mine, who happens to be an Atari Dealer, told me that NEW Atari Games and Software inventory was drying up! And it was down to him and I! Plus I also sell Used Atari as well. Which puts me on top.

Are you looking for Atari? I sell All kinds! I sell Used And New Classic Atari 8 Bit and ST Computers! Hardware/Accessories, Games/Software and Books/References. I also sell Used and New Atari 2600, 5200, and 7800 Games as well as Used and New Hardware and Accessories. I recommend the 7800 Console since it not only plays the 2600 Games without an adapter (unlike the 5200, which needs an adapter) and also plays higher quality 7800 Games! The 7800 uses Atari standard controllers like Joysticks! And also uses controllers like Joysticks with 2 fire buttons with seperate & independent input for certain games that need 7800 controllers. I may or may not have the 7800 Game Consoles to sell! I may or may not have Jaguar Consoles and Lynx Hand Helds to sell. Call (503)256-9974 Anytime or E-Mail either or

To expedite your order, download catalogs, delete what you dont want, E- Mail me the rest. Please include mailing address so I can figure postage and handling. For my latest catalogs you can E-Mail asking for my FREE catalogs and I'll send text file catalogs in a file attached to E-Mail. I may send books by media mail. Games and other software by parcel post or by flat rate priority mail. Buyer pays postage and handling. Atari software and book catalogs are sorted alphabetically by title so I can meet your Atari needs. E-Mail, or call Ben, anytime at (503)256-9974. Come for the sale, stay for the service. Collectors and Dealers Welcome!

Downloadable & Viewable Atari Catalogs

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