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Do you have an Atari in your closet? Is your attic full of Atari? Can you squeeze into your garage? If your Atari stuff needs a new home, especially if your in Portland, Oregon USA! call (503)256-9974 And feel free to contact Ben.

This covers Any Classic Atari 8 Bit And Atari ST Computers Plus Atari 2600, 5200, 7800, Jaguar, And Lynx Plus Atari FlashBack, Games Consoles and Atari Hand Helds! Atari Hardware, Accessories, Games, Software, Books, And References!

This Is A Worthy Cause! Saving Atari From Oblivion, Finding Homes For Your Atari, Giving Them A New Life With Someone Who Appreciates Atari And Allows Me To Pay My Bills, And Expenses While Supporting Atari Users and the Atari Community.

Your Atari Makes My Day, And Gives Me Reasons To Live! Donations Make EveryDay Christmas And My Birthday! So Go Ahead, Make My Day! I'm Ben Smith Of Bravo Sierra Computers! I'm Not Full Of B.S. It's Just My Initials! Go Ahead & Unload Your Atari Refuse On Me!

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