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Hold fast and be proud Atarians! Our Atari's may be outdated but at least their not Money Pits! Before their was Windows, The Atari ST used GEM which stands for Graphics Enviromental Manager. It fits on 192KB of ROM Chips. It doesn't need 32 Megs of RAM / Memory and the The Operating System (GEM) doesn't load into RAM / Memory. Turn on your ST and like a Flash, it's there! Which by the way, is really nice because viruses can't attack the Operating System in RAM because the Operating System is in ROM and can't be written to (R.ead O.nly M.emory). You don't need to upgrade your processor just because somebody upgrades the Operating System. MicroSoft's idea of Planned Obsolescence perpetrated every time WinDoze is upgraded. After a new version of WinDoze comes out, old SoftWare won't work with your new version of WinDoze. And the kicker is the company that made your favorite software dropped support or went out of Business! So your forced to update not just WinDoze, but you'll need a faster processor, Bigger Hard Drive and more RAM. Let's say you're excited since you bought a New Game and you wan't to play it now! Crash! You need a Bigger Hard Drive! Upgrade your Video Card and RAM! It's no wonder why so many hold on to their Atari's to play Games! And other's long for the Day's of their Atari! It's Plug and Play! My ST has all the Interfaces it needs, Built- In! No forced upgrades or slick salesman. And the Atari 8 Bit with it's SIO Port can Daisy Chain Peripherals with virtually no limit! And rarely will you find a need to upgrade your Atari's RAM. Especially to play Games! I recall a quote where a certain someone selling PC Computers Boasted "640 KBytes, it's all you'll ever need!". Stamp out Tyranny! Fight the Monolopy!

If you find this inflammatory, understand this is just my opinion. And everyone is entitled to their opinion! So if you use an Atari and are happy with it. Kudos to you! If you wax nostalgic for your Atari Days and long for the days of a simpler Computer. Dont whine! Get your Atari out of storage and play! Recapture your youth! Games like Missile Command, BattleZone, Joust. And all the games that Atari made famous. If you don't have an Atari, I'll sell you one. After all, I'm trying to make a living.

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