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This Web Page started as the results of the "Why Buy Atari from Bravo Sierra Computers" Contest! And it continues as a listing of Satisfied, Happy Customers, referring Atari Customers to do Business with Bravo Sierra Computers. If you're one of my Customers, feel free to E-Mail me your submission of References for Bravo Sierra Computers! Submissions become the property of Bravo Sierra Computers and may be added to my Web Pages and this Web Site! E-Mail: or And now, the winner of the "Why Buy Atari from Bravo Sierra Computers" Contest! Click Here for the Winner!

Ben's Atari Customer References!

1. The proprietor is very friendly, honest, helpful, and is fast with service (within 24 hours turnaround after payment)

2. The proprietor is also very knowlegeable of Atari products and is skilled at helping customers choose the items that best meet their needs.

3. The inventory changes weekly, and often there are many hard to find items that are unavailable anywhere else.

4. Prices are usually less than on auction sites.

Dan Vernon. Washington State, USA

- Bravo Sierra has a very kind service and is still a good+trusty atari supporter;

- Bravo Sierra is delivering very fast; from all my oversea-orders Bravo Sierra has been the fastest one !! For example delivery via airmail to Germany took only 5 days (3 days of shipment, 2 more days in Germany to set the tax!!);

- Bravo Sierra has a very huge and sorted (alphabetized) list of Atari items (old and new);

- Ordering is very easy, no dozens of clicks on several HTML pages, just read and then copy+paste the ASCII text into your e-mail to order something...

And thats why I buy from Bravo Sierra - even nowadays !!

Greetings, Andreas Magenheimer. Germany.

- Mailed my order promptly, and although I was not pleased with the condition of the item when received, he made sure I was satisfied in the end.

Howard Feldman, Ontario, Canada

About a year ago I was spending numerous hours searching for Atari 7800 products, only to be consumed in the interesting pages from Canada and Germany to the United States. In my "search" I began to research the Atari Jaguar a bit more. I decided I wanted one. I found Bravo Sierra Computers (BSC) and bought from there because BSC had a large selection of Atari products and at a very good price. I found that the owner knew a lot of the history of several Atari products. The owner also made ordering easy and was very personable. I found hard to find games in a package deal that even EBAY would have a hard time beating. Last year, along with other computers, my Atari Jaguar Base Unit, Atari Jaguar CD, several games, and controllers were all stolen by two knuckle heads. The police caught the guys but were not able to recover the stolen goods. I am awaiting judgement and restitution. When I get my due I plan on replacing my equipment by buying again from Ben at BSC for all the reasons mentioned above.It is my opinion that BSC is at the top for quality Atari products.

-John Romero. Cheyenne, Wyoming

Hi Ben,

My name is Sam Staber and I am from the little town of Neosho, which is in the southwest corner of Missouri. I have lived here for over twenty-five years. It is a welcome privilege to allow me to share my personal reasons for using the services of Bravo Sierra Computers, which is provided by you, Ben Smith. I have had purchase history with Ben for over seven years and that says much because I stay with a source which treats me right. Ben has always gone the extra mile to see that I am happy with my purchase. He has found Atari items for me that I never dreamed would be available again. To me, Bravo Sierra Computers is a very valuable source for Atari hobbyists like myself. I would certainly hate to be without this little company. It would sorely be missed by me and others like myself who value every source for these increasingly rare, Atari computer and gaming products. Dealing with Ben is always a breath of fresh air, at a time when it seems to be the exception and not the rule. Besides, it is fun to do business with Bravo Sierra Computers. When time and funds allow it, I always will look forward to shopping at Bravo Sierra Computers and visiting with Ben. I hope Bravo Sierra Computers can make a modest profit for Ben Smith, because otherwise it would be unlikely that he could continue doing the fine service that he has been doing for these many years. I have always felt like I am getting a bargain when I make a purchase at Bravo Sierra Computers and I hope to be able to rely on Ben Smith to provide my Atari needs well into the future. If Bravo Sierra Computers does not have the Atari item you need, chances are you will be pointed to a source that does have it. I urge anyone with Atari needs to give Bravo Sierra Computers a fair chance at providing for those needs. You won't go wrong if you do.

Regards, Sam Staber. Neosho, MO. 64850

Dear Atarian,

Ben Smith is the greatest! I have been buying Atari hardware and software from Ben for over six years,and in that time have never been disappointed. He is always able to meet whatever Atari need I might have. He delivers excellent service, wonderful and useful advice, and sells his merchandise at a competitive, fair price. I have had the privilege of spending time with Ben at his home where he lives, eats, and sleeps Atari. He is without a doubt the most knowledgeable Atari expert I have ever met. If you are interested at all in Atari computers, I would highly recommend that you contact Ben Smith. He is a man of integrity, who can be trusted.

Sincerely, Reverend Tad Stinson. Gladstone, Oregon.

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