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Listed below are Atari item's I have use for. Look and see what you may have for me. Usually I'm interested in Atari Collections, even complete collections. Consisting of items listed below. Not really interested in one or a few items. Most of the time I get Atari systems / collections when someones wife or husband insists "Either the Atari goes, or I go!"! If you have an Atari collection looking for a home, I'm your Guy! Closets, Basements, Attics, Garages and even storage rental units, I'll take what I can get. I'm in Portland, Oregon USA and I'd like to know where you are. If your local to me we could meet in person. Maybe play an Atari Game.

Please, I'd like to keep this mostly within the United States, at least with Hardware.

I'm looking for Atari 8 bit Hardware Like XL & XE Computers, Disk Drives like Happy 810's, Stock or Modified 1050's, xf551's, Indus GT's & other Double Density Disk Drives, Hard Drive Hosts like CSS Black Box and ICD MIO's, XEP-80, JoySticks & Controllers, Atari Touch Tablet, other drawing Pads or controller Pads.

I'm looking for 8 Bit Games and other Software, preferably Games, in good shape, preferably complete but not required, even NEW in the BAG/BOX! On Disk or Cartridge Media.

I'm looking for 8 Bit Books & References! Please, no Magazines, Magazine Disks, Newsletters or PhotoCopies.

I'm looking for Jaguar Hardware like Jaguar Consoles, Jag CD, Controllers, Pro Controllers, JagLink, CatBox, Extension Cables for Controllers, Cables for S-Video, Composite Video, Stereo Sound & Memory Track Cartridges. Must be used, Mint or NEW in BOX. Prefer NEW IN BOX or complete used in BOX.

I'm looking for Jaguar Games, either Used, Mint or NEW in BOX! Must be complete with Manual, Keypad Overlay(s) where applies and the whole Box. Must be in good shape. Also looking for Protector SE, BattleSphere, especially the special version made with special features to run special Games on CD. Also Air Cars, games from Songbird and Alien vs. Predator. NEW in BOX Games also.

I'm looking for Books and References on the Jaguar! Please, no Magazines, Newsletters Home Made/Printed Cheat Books or PhotoCopies.

I'm looking for Atari ST Hardware. Computers such as 520STFM, 520STE, 1040STF, 1040STE, Mega ST2, Mega ST4, Mega STE, TT030, Falcon 030 and up! ST Disk Drives doing Double Sided/Double Density such Atari SF314, Indus Drives for the ST. ICD SCSI Host Adapters such as ADSCSI Plus, Link and Link 2. Certain SCSI Hard Drive Cases. SCSI Scanners for the ST. SCSI CD-ROMs, CD Changers and SCSI CDRW working with the ST. Hewlett Packard Printers like Color DeskJets, HP Laser Printers, LaserJet 6L and 4 in 1 HP's with a Full Color engine doing Full Color PhotoCopier, Scanner, FAX and Full Color Printer. Must have the Centronics Paralell Port for the ST Printer Port. Should work as a Printer off the ST with the HP Printer Drivers. Needs seperate InkJet Cartridges for Black and for Colors. Needs FlatBed for PhotoCopier, FAX & Scanner. Would be nice if it did Both Letter and Legal sheets. Would like manual on paper.Intel 14,400 or faster FAX/MoDeM's or Diamond/Supra 14,400 or faster FAX MoDeM's. Must have Manuals / Documentation and manuals would be nice. Casio CZ-101 MIDI Keyboard and Roland MT-32. Video Key. Spectre GCR Mac Emulator, Discovery Cartridge by Happy, Synchro Express and Blitz Cables for copying. ST Station, a sheet metal Station. Room underneath to slip a 520ST or 1040ST. Above that, room for 2 SF314 Drives and on the right an enclosed space to store Power Supplies. Able to put a Muffin Fan on back to cool Power Supplies, Drives and the Computer below. Room above for Two Monitors, side by side with a Monitor Switch Box in between. Grey in color matching the ST case. Made to be an ST STation work center. Drive Master switch box for floppies made by practical solutions. Various Joysticks & mice for the ST.

I'm looking for ST Games/Software, mostly Games, Used, Mint or NEW in the BOX. At least in good shape. Looking particularly for SunDog, Elite, Frontier Elite II, or Star Trek-The Rebel Universe. Each of these listed Game Titles must be complete in Box and at least in good shape.

I'm looking for ST Books & References. Please, no Magazines, Magazine Disks, PhotoCopies or NewsLetters.

I'm looking for certain 3rd party manufactured Hardware which can be used with either 8 Bit, Jaguar or ST. I may be looking for MultiSync Monitors for the ST, Like An NEC 3D CRT Multi-Sync Monitor! for Monitors that do Audio and maybe Stereo, RGB for the ST, Composite Video and Chroma/Luma for the Atari 8 Bit, Jaguar and ST from makers like Commodore/Amiga/etc. WANTED: MegaST4 and ICD SCSI Host Adapters!   Ben's Birthday List!   Atari Adoption Agency!

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