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This Trick works best with Mailing Books! Mailing Books can be heavy and expensive! You might ask, "How can I get Books Mailed to me Quickly as in 2-3 Day Priority Mail but cheaply! The Bravo Method! Priority Mail provides a Large, Flat Rate Envelope. You can send Books anywhere in the U.S. for the 2-3 Day Priority Mail Flat Rate! This package can Weigh several pounds. Just as long as it can all fit in the Envelope. And as far as International goes? Anywhere I can send Global Priority Mail to, I can Mail a Global Priority Mail Large Flat Rate Envelope! This is usually cheaper than Air Mail and most Times Cheaper than 4-6 Weeks Surface Mail! Or Pretty Darned Close! And it's faster than Air Mail! And, if I can't fit it all in one envelope, I can break it down into more than one envelope. And it's still cheaper! If were going Global, and the package Does Not Exceed 4 pounds!(The weight limit per pack for the Global, Flat Rate Envelope)I May seperate your Books into Multiple Flat Rate Envelopes, each at 4 Pounds or less Each. Still Faster & Cheaper! And because each Packet is 4 Pounds or less, I get to use the Customs short form! Which maybe easier ignored by Customs Officials and Import Taxes! Most SoftWare, and as far as I know, all Atari SoftWare qualifies for what used to be called BookRate (Now Media Mail Rate)! As well as Books, Manuals and Documentation! Usually I send SoftWare by Priority Mail. The Post Office provides me with FREE Boxes for Priority & Global Priority Mail. I prefer this because I get it at no cost, so I can pass on the savings to you! I also like how fast it is. But in Some Cases, not only with Books but in Games / SoftWare. I can save you Money on Postage. Especially if the package is weighty! Priority Mail is more expensive, especially when weighty! But if you don't mind a longer wait, maybe a week? Book Rate / Media Mail Rate is quite economical! The only drawback is Media Mail is only for inside the United States. As far as Mailing outside the United States. There is something they used to call a small packet rate. This required that the package be 24" or less in Length and a combined 36" or less when combining Length, Width & Heighth. If the Dimensions of the package match this or lesser and the weight of the package does not exceed 4 Pounds, the package qualifies for the more economical Rate. Not to mention, requiring only the short customs form.

To expedite your order, E-Mail me your Complete Mailing address as it appears on a Mailing Label. This will help me figure Shipping and Handling sooner so I can add it to your Total. Once Payment is received, your order usually goes out the same Day! I have a rule I try to Live by. I dont spend a Customer's Money until after their order is in the Mail! This is my motivation to get out your order so I can Pay my Bills.

I've had some people contact me asking me why I don't Ship outside the United States? This is a misconception. Bravo Sierra Computers sells / ships anywhere in the world that Customs / the law allows.

If you want to order, or Ship me Atari Goods. Request my Mailing / Shipping Addresses in E-Mail. You won't find them on my WebSite, Otherwise People would be shipping me stuff without clearing it with me first.

Regarding Payment Methods? For Payment Info, I have prepared statements. Some for Domestic Transactions within the United States and Some for Outside the United States! You'll need to E-Mail me and tell me What Country Your From! Are You In The United States? Once we've agreed on payment method and you've decided what you're ordering, I'll figure Shipping And Handling with your Mailing Address which you should have E-Mailed me by then. Then I'll E-Mail the amount for Shipping & Handling and your Total. When we agree on the total, payment information and the rest of the minutiae, I'll E-Mail you the Balance of the Payment information in a pre-typed form including my Mailing Address. Allowing me to give the Personal Touch, serving Customers one at a time!

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