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Hi, I'm Ben Smith Proprietor of Bravo Sierra Computers! I'm not like Most Atari Dealers. Many only Deal in NEW Atari Goods and avoid Dealing in Used Atari! I, on the other hand am a Reseller of Used & New Atari Goods! The Emphasis on Used. With resources for NEW Atari Goods seeming to Dry up. I find it hard to turn down 2nd Hand Atari Goods! This way I keep Precious Atari Goods from winding up in a LandFill or even worse? Stripped down for Recycled Plastics & Precious Metals. I have many people contact me, desiring to give their Atari a New Home! Some of you know how it is! Your wife Spring Cleans and Gives the Ultimatum "Either your Atari goes, Or I Go!". You think about Divorce and Decide "It's cheaper Getting rid of my Ataris' than Divorce!" So after your Atari is gone and much Later your wife Cries, "Your not the Man I married!" And you Reply, "Of course I'm not, you keep changing me!" The lesson being, Men if you Marry, Your wife always will be changing! Women look for a fixer upper, a Man with Potential! Only Marry a Man whom your Happy with, just the way he is! Be content with what you have! Men are not meant to change! From experience, you keep trying to change your man, well from my experience, forced change brings about eventual divorce! Men forced to unload their Ataris' wind up replacing them after Divorce! Which is where I get many of my Customers! I'm Thankful to Women forcing their Men to dispose of there Ataris'! It's how Ataris' come to me! I get my Ataris' that way! Usually, Women dont like Atari! Very few Women Buy Atari like Atari! It's a Guy thing! The few women buying Atari only buy for someone else, usually their Boy Friend! After they Marry, she makes him get rid of stuff, including his Atari collection! A woman in love becomes whom her man needs to fall in love. When she falls out of love, her interests change! Same thing she thought was cute drives her away to divorce! This happens too much!

A dear friend was sued for divorce by his wife! Her Shark of a Lawyer got her everything including the house! He got to keep his Atari collection! He got the best part of the Deal! His Atari doesnt complain, doesnt need heat, cold or food! His Atari is Loyal as the Day is Long and isnt a Money Pit and outlasts any PC or Mac! How many PC's or Macs still being used made in early 80's or 90's? On the other hand, she'll be stuck with the Bills and the Mortgage!

Maybe you need to Clean out your Garage of your Atari Collection! Who do you call? Bravo Sierra! Or maybe you no longer have Room for Both your PC or Mac and your Atari! Again, Bravo Sierra! Well, Regardless that's where I get a lot of my Ataris. I test it all before I put it up for sale in my Catalogs! See How hard I test my Atari's!

Besides all this Talk about my Used Inventory, I also have Massive amounts of NEW Atari Inventory and I'm Continuing to acquire more NEW Atari Goods from Various Sources Including Dealers selling off their Atari excess or Even Liquidating Inventory, some even going out of Business offering Deals on going out of Business Sale! Read on for NEW in the BOX Atari Goods! Atari 2600, 5200, 7800, Jaguar & Lynx Games, Hand Helds & Consoles! Classic Atari 8 Bit And Atari ST! Catalogs for HardWare / Accessories, Games / SoftWare & Books / References! Atari NEW in BOX! See How hard I test my Atari's!

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