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The following procedure will make it easier for you to be specific about what your ordering and helps keep me from making mistakes on your order! DownLoad any or all of my Catalogs off my WebSite (In Text form). I have 11 Catalogs to choose from. Load my Catalogs into your Text Editor or Word Processor. Look through them to find what you want to order. Delete everything else from the Lists you don't want and save to disk what you do want to order. Do not save in any proprietary PC or MAC Format. I'm going to be reading this on my Atari so I need it saved in a straight ASCII Text format. All Computers can do this! Then E-Mail me the rest In-Line or attached to my E-Mail to or! Download my Catalogs off the Web at or Bravo Sierra's FTP Directory; Download Catalogs and Atari Programs

To expedite your order, E-Mail me your Mailing address (Straight Text) as it appears on a Mailing Label. This will help me figure Shipping & Handling sooner so I can add it to your Total. Once Payment is received, your order usually goes out the same Day! I have a rule I try to Live by. I dont spend Customers Money until after their order is in the Mail! This is my motivation to get out your order so I can Pay my Bills.

If you want to order, or Ship me Atari Goods. Request my Mailing/Shipping Addresses in E-Mail. You won't find them on my WebSite, Otherwise People would be shipping me stuff without clearing it with me first!

Regarding Payment Methods? I Need To Know What Country I'm Shipping To & Your Shipping / Mailing Address Determining Your Options! Are You In The United States? I Need To Know! For Payment Info, I have prepared statements. Some For Domestic Transactions within the United States and Some for Outside the United States! Once we've agreed on payment method and you've decided what you're ordering, I'll figure Shipping & Handling with your Mailing Address which you should have E-Mailed me by then. Then I'll E-Mail the amount for Shipping & Handling and your Total. When we agree on the total, payment & the rest of the minutiae, I'll E-Mail you the Balance of the Ordering information in a pre-typed form including my Mailing Address. Allowing me to give You the Personal Touch, serving Customers one at a time!

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