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Wanted! Mega ST4 and/or ICD SCSI Host Adapters!


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I'm Looking for an Atari Mega ST4. Please, no upgraded Mega 2's. I need a stock 4 MB Machine Plus a TOS 1.4 upgrade would be nice. Preferably the 6 Chip TOS set as laid out on the MotherBoard. The case needs to be unaltered, not cut up to replace a drive with an incompatible eject button. Please direct All replies via E-Mail to or call Ben anytime (503)256-9974.

I need to keep this Within the U.S. as far as this Mega ST goes.

Why insist on a Mega ST4? Why not a Mega ST2 upgraded to 4 Megs?. Answer: I had a Mega 2 upgraded to 4 Megs. The upgrade failed & I don't want that again. I don't care if Jack Tramiel himself upgraded it and Guaranteed it. I want the Mega to come that way from the factory. I don't trust most other peoples tech work. I'd rather have the RAM put in at the Factory.

Also, I'm Building SCSI Hard Drives for my Customers and I need SCSI Host Adapters! I prefer ICD Host Adapters like ADSCSI PLUS or LINK! Preferably ICD Link 2 Hosts! Not a Link 97. Can do this outside the U.S. & overseas. I cant afford New or Mint. Please, no Dealers! Private Parties only. E-Mail: Atari@aracnet or Call (503)256-9974!

Also, by the way. I'm looking for ICD MIO SCSI Hard Drive Host Adapters for the Atari 8 Bit. Preferably the 1 Meg version. Call (503)256-9974!

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