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For those of you who would like to hear from Bravo Sierra Computers for Atari Resale by E-Mail, Please use the Link below to add your info, and send it to Bravo Sierra Computers.

This Is also for Atari Club News! For those of you who would like to be added to a Seperate E-Mailing/Mailing List For The Portland Atari Club. This Is Only For Those Local To Portland, Oregon U.S.A. This list has been restarted as of September 25th, 2012! Please use the Link below to add your info!

For those interested you can make a wantlist of Atari treasures your looking for. Just click on the contact button below, fill it out and I'll let you know!

I cant read your mind, so with Help from my Atari survey, I can get to know you. It helps me figure out your Atari needs and Interests. The only thing better is a Phone call! Feel free to fill out the Atari Survey on my Contact Page!

Customer information including E-Mail and Mailing Addresses are not available to share / give or sell to anyone! So don't ask for it!

Contact Page!

Should you decicde you want to be removed from my mailing list You Must E-Mail Me Directly At or! Either should work! If one does not work, try the other! I Do Not Have An Automated System To Remove You From My Address Book, So Please E-Mail Me Directly Asking To Be Removed From Either My Bravo Sierra Computers Mailing List, Portland Atari Club Mailing List Or Both From That E-Mail Address With The E-Mail Address You Want Removed! I Will Reply In E-Mail Asking You To Verify Your E-Mail Address! Then I Will Reply With A Confirmation E-Mail And Remove Your E-Mail Address From My Address Book! My System Is In No Way Automated For This Task! After All, I Do All This On My Atari Computers! Including E-Mail And Maintaining My WebSite On My Atari!

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