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While I know there are emulators available for every computer &/or video game from the 70's on, there is a problem that needs to be addressed. Actually several.

1. No matter what you are emulating it is still an emulation, and an emulation will not understand or respond to all of the little programming quirks that were used by programmers. While it is true that in theory the programmer should do a thing in a certain way, in the older style machines, especially in the 8 bit style of machine the code had to be very tight to do anything worth doing, and to do this each programer had his own little bag of tricks. No emulator in existence is able to run all of the software that the original machine could run. This is a fact.

2. This one is far more ticklish than the first rather straight forward point, but most emulators are unable to run the original disk or cartridge that held the copyrighted program. This required an illegal port of a copyrighted program. Granted if you own an original copy of the software you do have a legal right to port it over this tends to be a process requiring either expensive equipment or a pipe line to some one who has already hacked the software. Legally I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole.

3. Cost, first there is the cost of the emulator, then cost of having things ported of buying equipment to port it for yourself. Add to this that most of the emulators were done as projects by students who have moved on and no longer support the emulator. It may well in the long run be cheaper to just buy the old computer or game and be done.

4. Did I mention that emulators tend to be outdated? or that the emulator will it may have worked just dandy with a 486 will crash and die on a pentium 2 or 3? Planned osolescence?

5. final and most telling is back to the issue of software, with the original equipment you can pick up software relatively cheap and legal, unlike an emulator where you have always wonder is the original company who wrote this thing silly enough to still be after pirated copies?

This attack on Emulators was written by an old Friend of mine. An Atarian Hacker known as Basement Perry, who lived to make the New Millenium. ????-2000. R.I.P.

This is Bravo saying, Atari Computers and Game Machines were built Tough! Like a Tank! Built to last for Years! Until Today and beyond, way into your future! Unlike the PC (P.olitically C.orrect / P.iece of C.rap) which is made to be replaced every 2-4 Years with a newer PC (Planned Obsolecence)! So keep your Ataris to play your Games and other Software! The way God Meant it to be! If you dont have an Atari, I'll sell you one. After all, I am trying to make a Living and earn your Business!

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