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I'm looking to find the following Movies on DVD/Blu-Ray(Preferably Blu-Ray) to
replace the same Movies I have on VHS Tape! Below is my WantList! I'm looking
for Original DVD's/Blu-Ray's not Pirated, Copied or Burned.Comes with original
packaging, not in Jewel Cases!Contact me if you have anything to Give, Sell or

Any And All Movies Based On DC Comics!

Any And All Movies Based On Marvel Comics!

Any And All Harrison Ford Movies Like Indiana Jones & Star Wars Movies!

Any And All Gene Roddenberry Directed TV Series Like Andromeda & Star Trek!

Babylon 5 TV Seies; Sci-Fi;

Any And All Drew Barrymore Movies!

Any And All Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies, Like The Last Action Hero!

Any And All Jamie Lee Curtis Movies, Like Trading Places Or True Lies!

Any And All Michael J. Fox Movies, Like The Back To The Future Trilogy And The Secret of My Success!

Any And All "Planet Of The Apes" Movies! Both Original & Remakes!

Any And All Sean Connery Movies, Like First Knight, Outland Or Bond Movies, Like Never Say Never Again!

Space 1999 Sci-Fi TV Series;

Any And All Vin Diesel Movies, Like Pitch Black & Chronicles Of Riddick;

Farscape; Science Fiction Series; Ben Browder & Claudia Black;

Field of Dreams;Kevin Costner, Amy Madigan, James Earl Jones & Burt Lancaster;

The Hard Way; Michael J. Fox & James Woods; John Badham/Director;

Inner Space; Dennis Quaid, Martin Short, Meg Ryan & Kevin McCarthy;

Iron Eagle III: Aces; Louis Gossett Jr.;

The Natural; Robert Redford & Glen Close;

The Omega Code; Michael York, Michael Ironside & Casper Van Dien;

The Omega Man; Charleton Heston;

On Wings of Eagles; Burt Lancaster & Richard Crenna; Ross Perot Finances Rescue of Hostages in Terhan, Iran from the Ayatollah Khomeni;

Outland; Sean Connery, Frances Sternhagen, James B. Sikking & Kika Markham;

Rising Sun; Sean Connery, Tia Carrere, Wesley Snipes, Mako & Harvey Keitel;

The Rookie; Dennis Quaid;

Roxanne; Steve Martin & Daryl Hannah;

Silent Running; Bruce Dern; Science Fiction;

Soylent Green; Charleton Heston;

StarGate; Any and all StarGate Movies!; Not The First One With Kurt Russel & James Spader! Also, The StarGate Universe SGU TV Series!;

Star Trek; Any/All of the Serieses!;

Titanic; Leonardo DiCaprio & Kate Winslet; James Cameron;

Top Gun;Tom Cruise, Kelly McGillis, Tom Skerrit, Meg Ryan & Michael Ironside;

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