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Bravo Sierra Computers may not always be able to meet your Atari needs.
Regardless, I, Benjamin Smith, Proprietor of Bravo Sierra Computers,
wants you to be a happy customer, even if someone else sells you what you
need. Following are some Contacts you can make to find what you need for
your Atari.
B & C Computers
5917 Stope Way
El Dorado, CA. 95623-4716

Home Page:

Dealing in Atari ST & Classic 8 Bit. A good source for Atari Software!
Best Electronics
2021 The Alameda #290
San Jose, CA. 95126



Dealing in all Atari. A good source for Atari Hardware! Brad is a real 
good resource for Information & Help with Atari Hardware And he really 
knows his stuff. His catalog includes Technical help, It should be called 
a Bible for Atari Hardware. The Technical Manual you never got when you 
Bought your Atari!
Computer Software Services
1350 Buffalo Rd. Suite #2
Rochester, N.Y. 14624


Ordering Line: 
          FAX: (716)247-7158
          BBS: (716)247-7157

Computer Software Services: Proprietor Bob Puff. Producer of Classic
Atari 8 Bit Hardware and Software including the "Black Box" Hard Drive
Interface. Plus software like BobTerm, Super Arc/UnArc and DiskComm.
Shadow Software


One of the Longest Running Atari Die Hards. Supporting Atari,
specifically Atari 8 Bit. "The Shadow" has bought up the rights to
several Atari 8 Bit Software and put them back on the market to Help
keep the Atari alive. One of these is Carina BBS. Quite improved since
"The Shadow" bought the rights. The same Software ACE of America BBS is
run on. Contact the Shadow for help on your 8 Bit or to purchase
Software from Shadow Software. "The Shadow" is a friend of mine
(Ben Smith proprietor of Bravo Sierra Computers) and in some Business
ventures, also my Boss.

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