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Quality Games/Software at Bargain Prices!


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In the Good Old Atari Days when Software Manufacturers debuted NEW Titles,
you could buy NEW Titles for Top Dollar with all the Trimmings! The Nice
Manuals, Boxes, Etc! Like with the INFOCOM, ORIGIN & SIERRA Games! Later
these same Manufacturers scaled back the cost of these Titles Packaging
making them cheaper and neared the end of the LifeSpan of the Marketing of
these Titles! Finally Software Makers went El Cheapo, Putting Titles in Cheap
ClamShell Packaging, Fully Documented Games and other Software Keeping them
alive! Now I can sell ClamShell Software to you, Quality Games at Bargain
Prices! For only $10.00! Cheap as a Trip to the Movies, but lasts longer and
you get to keep it! Keeping these Titles Alive in not easy! I have a source!
This Source Bought the Rights and supplies my Customers with Great Software
for only $10! Listed below are titles, not all of which I have in stock!
Short Listings below are all $10.00 each! Goto my Catalog Listings below to
see what I have! To see which Titles I have, jump to link below to my Classic
Atari 8 Bit Games / Software Listing!

 Classic Atari 8 Bit Games\SoftWare & ClamShell Titles! 

Atari 8 Bit ClamShell Titles! $10.00 each! 

Quality Games/Software at Bargain Prices! 

beyond castle wolfenstein, muse/mainstreet
casino, mainstreet
castle wolfenstein, 130xe/800xl, muse/mainstreet
castle wolfenstein, C=64/128/ 130xe/800xl, muse/mainstreet
The ChildsPlay Jubilee, ChildsPlay Software
crossfire, sierra/mainstreet
dig dug, datasoft
frogger/threshold, sierra
gateway to apshia, epyx
hulk, adventure international
jawbreakerII/crossfire, sierra/mainstreet
jumpman jr., epyx
l.a. swat&panther;, mastertronic
magneto bugs, datasoft/mainstreet
Mah Jong, ChildsPlay Software
moon shuttle, datasoft
ninja, mastertronics
oils well, sierra/mainstreet
pacman, datasoft
pitstop, epyx,
pole position, datasoft
superman. first star/mainstreet

here are the apx titles in clamshells, no docs or artwork.

basic utilities,
computerized card file,
elementary biology,
enhancement to graph-it,
family budget,
family cash flow,
fig forth language,
gridiron glory,
instedit microsoft 2.0,
instructional computer demo,
musical computer,
number blast,
preschool games,
recipe search and save 1.1,
terminal emulator 2.0,
three-r math student disk 1.1,
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