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Welcome to Bravo Sierra Computers: Reseller of Used and New Atari HardWare, SoftWare, Books & Accessories! Supporting Atari 2600, 5200, 7800, Jaguar, Lynx, Classic Atari 8 Bit & Atari ST Computer Lines! Offering this Service to the InterNet Community!

BSC continues to support the Atari Community Due to Patronage of Customers such as yourself. Especially and Including the Base of Satisfied Repeat Customers Who are Always Welcome. Businesses such as this Continue Because of this. When your considering making your Next Atari Purchase: Will you Buy from someone Getting Rid of their Atari Stuff, who won't wan't to hear from you again. Especially if you need Support. Or maybe buy from a Garage Sale That disappears and Pulls up Stakes at SunDown. Where will they be when YOU need HELP! Maybe Buying from a Thrift Store. Remember, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! I sometimes wonder if Thrift Stores even Bother to Test Atari Equipment. Maybe they can't find Testers who know anything about Atari! YOU ONLY GET OUT OF YOUR ATARI WHAT YOU PUT IN IT! Or, Garbage In Garbage Out! And PLEASE dont get me started on Auctions! Instead of buying the single Item / Item's you wanted for a listed price? You bid on a whole lot of stuff, just to get the one item you wanted. Not knowing the seller has a friend, bidding up the price (AKA shill). So either the seller doesn't get the high bid he wanted and pulls out or you get that whole lot of stuff, only wanting that one item and find out it's broken! How hard I test my Atari's!

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