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Why Auctions? What hold do they have over People? Why do people endure being fleeced like sheep? Why do they go into an auction Blindly, not knowing the price when they could buy from Ben, your Atari BENefactor, where the price is out there for All to see? Instead of buying the single Item's you want for a listed price. Your bidding on a whole lot of stuff, just to get the one item you want. Sending the Price SkyRocketing! Bidding against others, Driving it up Not knowing the seller has a friend, (AKA shill) bidding up the price. So either the seller doesn't get the high bid he wanted & pulls out or you get that whole lot of crap, only wanting that one item and find out it's broken! And your flat Broke! Do you buy Junk, Draining your Savings into some Jerks account. Who Pulls up Stakes like a Flea Market at Sunset! Have you searched that elusive piece of Rare Atari Hardware? You buy another mistake bringing the count upto How Many? You wouldnt believe how many told me this story, making the same mistake, coming to me last! Get it right the first time! Buying Tested, working Atari, rather than go back to those SUCKY Auctions! Will you Buy from someone Getting Rid of their Atari Stuff, who won't want to hear from you again. Especially if you need Support. Remember, the old saying You get what you pay for? Well, regarding Auctions, the Wise Saying should read "You Don't Get what You've OverPaid For!" or "Theirs a Sucker Born Every Minute!". I sometimes wonder if they even Bother to Test Atari Equipment. Maybe they can't find Testers who know anything about Atari! YOU ONLY GET OUT OF YOUR ATARI WHAT YOU PUT IN IT! Or, Garbage In Garbage Out! How hard I test my Atari's!

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