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This is the A.T.A.R.I. Page. A.T.A.R.I. is an acronym for A.tari T.ips A.nd R.elevent I.nformation.

Miner 2049er Cheat Code on Atari 8 Bit: A cheat code to get to any level. At the first title screen type in 2137826861 & if you did it right at the start screen you hold shift and hit a number and that is the level you go to.

Here's a Tip for Maintenance of Cartridges. Cartridges for Game Systems from Atari 2600, 5200, 7800, Jaguar & Lynx! Cartridges for 8 Bit Computers, 520ST to TT030 and Falcon. This will work with most any Cartridge. Even machines made by other Company's. To keep the edge connector clean, rub it with Rubber eraser. This will clean your contacts. When I plug a Cartridge into my Atari Jaguar and it doesn't work, this fixes it for me.

If your using PageSTream (ST) & you can't print a Document because you don't have enough Memory / RAM. Go to your Printer Driver,tell it to Print To Disk. Make sure you have the Right Driver for your Printer. Go to Print with Page- STream. An Item selector Box will come up. Pick a file name with a nonexecut- able file extender (No .PRG, .APP, .TOS or .TTP). After the file is done saving, Exit PageSTream, find the file on your Disk. Double Click the file, Then a Gem Box will come up saying Show, Print or Cancel. Make sure your printer is on-line. Then Click on Print. Providing you had the right Printer Driver, this should Print your Document in PageSTream Format. This is also a great idea if someone needs a Document from you. You can create the file and send it to someone via E-Mail attached to E-Mail. Or send it on Disk.

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